Claymore-Shredder Intelligence Enterprise Edition

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-25 % for extreme short time ! The Claymore-Shredder IEPED (Intelligence Enterprise Edition) is a single file shredder, which is seamless integrated in your Mac OS X (in the status menu, beside the clock) and supports 12 international approved intelligence, military shredding methods, no other Mac file shredder supports this ! Perfect for your enterprise data security, governmental institution data security or private data security issues, NO DATA LEFT BEHIND !! The Claymore-Shredder IEPED can shredder any single file (pdf,xlsx,doc,dox,txt,png, jpg,tiff,psd,pub,zip,rar,tar and all other single files) in an extrem secure way, so it is not possible to recover the file in any way, anymore !! Highest available security level ! Claymore-Shredder IEPED features: ▶ Intelligence, military approved standards implemented ! ▶ Seamless integrated in your Mac OS X beside your clock in the status menu ! ▶ Shredders all single files up to 100 MB* ▶ Simple and easy to use, just Drag & Drop a file ▶ Also runs in background and will not harm your Mac's performance, while you work ! ▶ Super secure and lightweight application ► Supports UTF-8, ASCII characters filenames ! ▶ The following 12 intelligence, military shredder standards are implemented: ▷ B. Schneier Algorithm [USA] ▷ GOST P50739-95 ГОСТ [Russia] ▷ NATO-Standard [Europe, USA] ▷ NAVSO P-5239-26 (MFM) [USA] ▷ NAVSO P-5239-26 (RLL) [USA] ▷ P. Gutmann Algorithm [New Zealand] ▷ US Air Force, AFSSI5020 [USA] ▷ US Dep. of Defense (DoD 5220.22-M) + Gutmann-Method [USA] ▷ U.S. Standard DoD 5220.22-M [USA] (Fast) ▷ VSITR BSI Verschlusssachen-IT-Richtlinien [GERMANY] ▷ Zeros ▷ Random Characters ► System requirements: OS X 10.10 or higher ! ► If security matters ► - Tactical Defense Software and App Products ! The powerful validation, and our reputation for safety, durability, reliability, and ease of use, has also driven our consumer dedication further than ever anticipated. Moving forward, our commitment to "Perfection" remains steadfast: We will never compromise quality. We will continue to invest tremendous resources in the technology and talent necessary to improve our products wherever possible; and we will always strive to deliver maximum customer satisfaction ! * On your request we can increase the 100 MB file size for free, but for performance issues we don't recommend files larger than 100 MB !!