Clean Writer Pro

OS X 10.7
Unleash your imagination and beat writer's block. Inspired by the workflow of old-school typewriters, Clean Writer Pro has minimalist features and full-screen uncluttered interface designed for bloggers, journalists and writers - helping them unchain their creativity and beat writer's block. Clean Writer Pro is a single-purpose text editor covering 80% of your writing needs. Small memory footprint, fast to launch, effective, it hides complex options and UI and removes rarely used features so that you stop wasting focus with buttons and irrelevant settings and start creating instead. When you’re done typing your email, articles, blog posts, poems or short stories, you might look for other software to get it formatted, arranged and prepared for publishing. That's fine. Clean Writer Pro’s purpose was fulfilled. * Basic but great feature set * Minimalist interface; paragraph fade mode; live counters; full-screen distraction-free writing; limited color themes and font options; designed for PLAIN TEXT and Markdown preview, but useable (with caveats) for importing and minor editing of Rich Text files. ---------- * IMPORTANT * ---------- The app won't create new documents by default (reopening instead the previously opened ones); therefore, when you first launch it, it might seem like nothing happens. Just start a new file (menu bar File->New or Cmd+N keyboard shortcut), or open an existing one (menu File->Open or drag-drop a document on the Clean Writer Pro icon in the doc) and you're ready to go. ---------- * Extended Features * (for complete list and customisation tips, please read the app's Help or check out our website) - color themes - B/W, dark grey on light grey, higher contrast White on Black, hacker and more - full screen minimalist writing mode for uninterrupted writing - document autosave and versioning - paragraph focus mode - fades away all paragraphs except the current one, allowing you to focus on the current phrase. - Markdown preview - converts the current file to HTML using Markdown syntax and previews it in a pop up - Markdown-to-HTML copy - copy the HTML result to the clipboard, ready to be pasted to your blog, email or website - Live counters - the counters at the bottom show the number of words, characters, unwrapped hard lines and current line number - Customizable: power users can override Clean Writer Pro presets to add custom colors, fonts, paragraph indents, text transparency and more. Take a look at the advanced command line commands on the official web page * Files * In addition to plain text editing(recommended for maximum compatibility and platform independence), Clean Writer Pro allows importing of some common document formats. Beware that formatting will be partially lost or ignored. * Preferences * Commands have both keyboard shortcuts and menu items in the menu(accessible also in fullscreen). Common commands use standard OSX shortcuts. Check out the Help (Detailed shortcut list can be found in the Help. -------------- Some user reviews: Ingo Berger, Germany: "Even though I already got iA Writer, I prefer Clean Writer Pro. It is the more flexible app" Nick, United Kingdom "The entire application feels smooth, natural and very comfortable. The best of the bunch in my opinion." Ensendro, Italy "Excellent text editor, simple and functional, with only the necessary writing functions... I haven't found anything better for taking notes, though I tried and changed at least 10 different apps"