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Cleanboard: Your Clipboard Cleaner Keep your Clipboard Clean When you copy a file, it's save to the Clipboard on your Mac, but your Clipboard is using a lot of Memory and anyone can access the files or information from your Mac, with Cleanboard for Mac you can clean your Clipboard, delete Passwords, Images, Text, Files, Copies, URL, or anything you have copied on your Clipboard. Press a Simple Button and Clean the existing content of your Clipboard. · Optimized for macOS Sierra. · Modern and Simple Interface. · Unlimited Cleaning for your Clipboard. · Better health for your RAM. · Keep your privacy. · Rendered with Metal Graphics Technology for best UI/UX. Cleanboard PRO Features (In-App Purchase): · Get a Quick Clean for your Clipboard (3x faster). · Best Delete Clipboard File System. Mr. Proton Studio: Utilities Software