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Do you know how many times exactly you needed to count something while working on your Mac, but you didn't have an app for that? Of course you don't, it's a paradox: in order to be able to precisely count on Mac, you needed to have an app installed already. Mind-boggling! ClickToCount is that one app that all of us already needed. Whether you want to count pomodoros, work interruptions, your excersise progress or anything else -- ClickToCount with its unlimited number of counters and easy way to set them, exactly as you want, is coming to rescue. - Use as many counters as you need. Easily create new ones or delete existing counters. - Change counter title any way you want. - Drag & drop counters to rearrange them. - All counters are saved instantly so when you start ClickToCount later all your counters are exactly where you left them.