Client Keys – The Client Centered Awesome Password Manager & Contact List

OS X 10.9
Client Keys - The Client Centered Awesome Password Manager & Contact List, will help you organize all of your client contacts and account passwords assigned to them. Organize all of your client's contacts and passwords in one simple app. Quickly add new passwords with ease. Never forget a password again! Add and remove clients from your favorites, as well as easily delete them, or restore them from the trash system. This simple client centered password manager, will help keep your clients passwords organized and handy for each project. Quickly add passwords, contacts, tag favorites, or trash and delete items. Manage telephone numbers & email contacts, or use it as a phone book, or address book. This simple password manager is different than all the other password managers, by also acting as a simple crm to help search contacts and manage customers. Features: -Organize Client Contacts. -Manage Contacts. -Manage Passwords and Accounts. -Add clients to your favorites. -Easily manage multiple clients and authorization keys. -Quick access to important client information such as website logins, cpanel, and database access keys, or domain name accounts. Types of Keys(passwords/accounts): -Cpanel -Note -Domain Name -FTP/SHH Account -Website (Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla, etc...) -Database (SQL / MySQL) -Email Account Good For: -Freelancers. -Small Business Owners. -Photographers. -Wedding Planners. -Logo Designers. -Graphic Designers. -Web Designers. -Web Developers. -Site Administrators. -SEO Consultants. -Internet Marketers. -Wordpress, Drupal, and Joomla Developers.