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Merge videos from multiple videos to one video in much less file size. You just need to drop your videos in Clipmerge and hit Merge button, everything will be done automatically. Videos from iPhone, Android, Cameras, Gopro, Yi Camera, Dash Camera in Car, etc. For example, you use Gopro to record a piano lesson in 1 hours long and want to merge separated videos in Gopro TF card to one file in smaller size. Or you want to combine several videos clips in car dash camera to a full video. Or any similar scenarios. Please read very carefully before you buy this app. If any question, please send email for tech support to before you leave a negative review. Thanks. —This app is for the following purpose: 1. Merge multiple videos to one video. 2. Compress videos to lower file size with slightly reduced video quality. —Restrictions: 1. Only MOV, MP4, M4V without DRM copyright protection, 3GP files are supported. 2. Video quality should not considered as top priority. If you choose 'Compress Video before Merge' or merge videos in different video format, video quality will be slightly reduced. If you uncheck 'Compress Video Before Merge', video quality won't loss. 3. Exactly same video formats are highly recommended, for instance, all videos are from the same device with exactly the same video recording settings. Different video format, frame size, frame rate could probably be working good, but sometimes may not be working.