Cloud Paint

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Create beautiful works of art with a swipe of your mouse! Let out your inner artist and explore your own creativity in a way you never thought possible! Paint the sky with every color of the rainbow or stick with classic white fluffy clouds! Ever think of the sky as the world's biggest canvas? Well now you can make it your canvas right on your computer with Cloud Paint! FUN FOR ALL AGES Cloud Paint features a simple-to-use Interface so that kids from 1-99 can enjoy! RAINBOW OF CLOUDS Pick from any one of the gorgeous colored clouds to make your masterpiece a reality! BIG OR SMALL YOU CAN HAVE IT ALL Full scale adjustment of your cloud sizes makes your painting even more dynamic! EASY CLEAR One click clear lets your blow away your old creation and start something completely new! Kids will love and parents will love what their kids create! Find out why everyone is talking about Cloud Paint as the best new painting app on the Mac App Store!