Cloud Storage Helper – Create Link To Sync Any Folder

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Sync files to online storage is convenient, but some folders cannot be moved into the sync folder. This app can solve this problem. It can help you sync any folder outside the sync folder of online storage service, such as OneDrive, Google Drive, and etc. Some examples can be: Sync “Desktop” folder or “Documents” folder to online cloud storage. Sync photos to multi online cloud storage, for example OneDrive and Google Drive. Note: Please take a look at screenshots for how to use this app. This app doesn’t need to run in the background. Use it to create links and close it. This app doesn’t make copies of folder. It just creates links to it, so it doesn’t take any extra space. *****THIS IS IMPORTANT***** When you uncheck the safe mode under the “delete” tab, be really careful. Because it can delete the files you selected.