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Hibble is a magical being who lives in the sky! Help him protect his home from the toxic invading smogbugs! Smogbugs love nothing better than to make white fluffy clouds dirty and grey. Stop smogbugs from taking over Hibble's home. Keep the clouds clean to win! Watchout for SMOGZILLA, the smogbug boss!! Use exciting powerups to help destroy the smogbugs and defeat Smogzilla! FEATURES ◆ Amazingly Fun and Easy Gameplay. ◆ Play for High Score, or for Best Time ... or both! ◆ Unlock Open Sky mode and play without boundaries. ◆ A Bug Popper MiniGame. HOW TO PLAY ◆ Tap Any Cloud to Move ◆ Capture Smogbugs for Points ◆ Land on Grey Clouds to Clean them. Clean all clouds to win! ◆ Watchout for Smogzilla!! ◆ Find Powerups to Help Hibble Protect his Home ➤ Zappers Powerups zap lots of smogbugs ➤ Tracker Powerups lead Hibble in the right direction ➤ Shield Powerups allow Hibble to defeat Smogzilla MORE LEVELS AND EXCITING MINIGAMES COMING SOON !!