CloudySafe Lite

OS X 10.7
Keep your data safe and secure with CloudySafe! CloudySafe takes the safe a step further - Besides storing your passwords, the app is able to store all your notes, bookmarks and photos! Super simple iCloud sync is a fun thing to do as you have all your information on all your devices. Take advantage of CloudySafe for iPhone, iPad and Mac! CloudySafe Lite has limited storage. The app can only store five passwords, bookmarks, photos and notes. Upgrade to the full version to enjoy unlimited space and all of the following great features: ★ Security ★ ✓ Two levels of protection: One code for sensitive data, another for extremely sensitive one ✓ Security questions ★ All your data ★ ✓ Passwords ✓ Photos ✓ Notes ✓ Bookmarks ✓ Private web browser CloudySafe Lite is limited to five items of each type. The full version offers unlimited space. ★ Made simple ★ ✓ Great iPhone, iPad and Mac App ✓ Super simple iCloud Sync ✓ Groups to organize your information ✓ CodeGen to generate secure passwords Download CloudySafe now!