CocoNotebook for Jupyter

OS X 10.8
About CocoNotebook CocoNotebook is an interface that can be used to open Jupyter notebooks files (.ipynb) into a new, or existing, browser window. A Jupyter notebook session must be started and the root directory of the session must be specified before using CocoNotebook. In addition to .ipynb files, .py, .r, and .txt files can also be opened into the browser. Chrome or Safari can be used. Disclaimer: CocoNotebook is not a Jupyter Project or Event. The application is a productivity tool that manages Jupyter notebooks. System Requirements CocoNotebook work requires a Macintosh and a Mac OS X version 10.8 or later installed. CocoNotebook supports Safari and Chrome. Installation The application is ready for use after downloading. Moving the CocoNotebook to the dock allows for easy access to different profiles. For More Information Please email me at Note about the author This app was made by Rohan Kotwani, B.S. in Electrical Engineering & M.S. in Analytics