Code Collector Pro

OS X 10.8
Code Collector Pro The Mac OS X Code Snippet Manager is the developers best friend for storing, managing and discovering code snippets. It has support for multiple languages (Objective-C, PHP, Ruby, C, and many more can be added) and integrates with the online site, so that you can easily take your snippets with you. Some of the main features are: * Hot Key Quick Search, no matter which application you have open in the foreground bring up the Hot Key Quick Search to paste in your favorite snippet * Code Highlighting * Snippet tagging * Importing/Exporting Snippets to many formats including, snippets.xml, Coda, Snippets, and more * Organize snippets, by License, Language, and tag. * Search your entire snippet library * Synchronize snippets with so that you get to your snippets wherever and whenever you would like. Code Collector Pro, is the easiest and quickest way to manage your snippet collection.