CODIJY – Change Photo Colors by Adding Simple Strokes!

OS X 10.6.6
~50% OFF 2017's Most Captivating Creative Anti-Stress ~ Colorize Photos with Magic Strokes!~ Want to reconstruct colors of old family photos? Admire colorized retro images? Turn your passion into the life-long hobby! Use best-of-breed tools to colorize images with your own hands! Step-by-step tutorial, 10+ examples included. *NOTE: App runs on Mac OS 10.8 or later. Enjoy a simple intuitive technology: just add simple color strokes - CODIJY applyies selected colors automatically! Use CODIJY to: * Conver monochrome images to color with surprising ease! * Color or de-color parts of the photos for visual impact * Re-color photo objects and areas * Turn entire photos and objects to grayscale CODIJY is best for colorizing and re-coloring favorite shots, landscapes, seascapes, urban photography, animals, still-life, street photography, and more. *For colorizing portraits, please check out CODIJY Pro with dedicated coloring toolbox. Full List of CODIJY Features Colorizing toolbox - Pick colors like a pro! - 32 topical color Libraries - Create multi-color gradients - Track every coloring step in History - Draw color and gradient strokes, control their width - Protect areas from coloring with Protect pen - Turn objects and photos to monochrome with De-color Pen - Adjust stroke colors with Repaint tool Customizable workspace - Easily drag and drop toolbars and dialogs - View Result image side-by-side in Split View - Work on pixel-size details and preview result in original size - Navigate and zoom image with Navigator Supported formats - Cross-platform MGD files store masks and color history - Open and save to all major image formats Quick learning curve - Use set of examples with masks and color history - Start with a detailed tutorial to color your first photo in minutes