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Collabora Office is the enterprise-ready version of the world’s most widely used Open Source office suite – LibreOffice. Backed by a global community of developers, testers, and localization specialists, Collabora Office is built for critical business needs and discerning users by Collabora - the world's leading LibreOffice services company. Key features: • Enterprise hardened through relentless independent testing • Stable six-monthly release cycle of feature updates • Backported key features from LibreOffice Vanilla • Improved OOXML file support (.docx, .docm) • Enterprise-wide: one Office suite common to your entire environment Core features: • One app serving as a complete suite, does the work of six apps • Includes advanced word processor, spreadsheet, and presentation software • Reads and writes Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint files (including OOXML) • More than 80 million users including governments and FTSE 500 companies • Industry-leading support of Open Document Format, popular in public sector • Unmatched compatibility with over 100 document and graphic formats supported • Available in over 50 languages, including 40+ dictionaries • Visio and Publisher document import and viewing • Export your documents to PDF Collabora Office 5.3 combines Collabora’s latest compatibility and document integrity features with a host of improvements from the LibreOffice community. Redesigned toolbars, menus, rulers, and dialogues make these powerful additions more attractive and efficient to use.