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It is a unique app using photos to create collages . You can pick photos from your existing Mac gallery or take a new photo and make a collage photo. With Collage Photo you can quickly and easily create amazing photo collages by using pictures from your photo library and/or by taking pictures. By combining pictures, you can create exceptional photo collages that can be shared with friends and family. You can use photos of your friends, family, yourself and your loved ones etc . Create amazing Collage Photos by selecting as many pictures as you want. You can also solid background colors while creating Collage Photos. You can easily use a picture from your mac library or photostream You can also save the Collage to your Mac and show it to friends and family later. User can use Predefine Collage Template . With the Help of template user can make 17 different type of Collage. In Free mode you can make his/her own collage . -- Features - You can set a custom background for your collages. - You can simply and easily change the background color of your collages by Adjusting RGB Color. - Add as many pictures in a Collage Photo as you like. - No limit of pictures that can be used to create a Collage Photo. - You can save photos to Computer library. - High resolution export. -- Simple gestures: - Double tap to delete photos . - Resize. - Adjust Image Position According to View by holding mouse click.