Color and Style

OS X 10.7
Editor's pick - Which colors fit you best is defined by your own color type. Simply say the colors of your hair and eyes, the tone of your skin and you will: • Know your color type; • See the palette of matching colors; • Review the catalogue of the clothing-suits assorted for you only. It’s the right color of the clothing that allows you to express yourself most vividly and instantly. But if you like a color it does not mean it loves you back. Color and Style can help you to pick up the colors that fit only you. Color and Style serves women as well as men since the style matters for both genders. Have a look at other color types. Help your friend to choose the right clothing. With Color and Style: • It is much easier to choose; the shopping becomes pure pleasure; • There is always clothing of matching colors in your wardrobe; • To wear what suits you will give you more confidence. "Color & Style Review - You can become a famous modelling division!" -