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Convert and explore many standard colorspaces based on a highly verified color library created for the printing and color community. Color Machine allows you to visualize colorspaces in 2D or 3D and computes colorimetric values such as the color rendering index or metameric index from spectra measured with the FD-7 device. Application features: - Colorspaces: XYZ, Yxy, Yuv, Yu'v', Luv, Lab, Lch, RGB, HSV, HSL, YCbCr. - Spectral data: Illumination and remission, requires data input. Currently, only the FD-7 measurement device is supported. Storing and loading of data is not possible (yet). - Observer: CIE 1931 2°, CIE 1964 10°, Judd 1951 2°, Judd Vos 1978 2°. - Illumination: Arbitrary blackbody, CIE A, B, C, D (arbitrary or D50, D55, D65, D75, D93), E, F1 to F12, arbitrary whitepoint, arbitrary spectrum. - RGB-Colorspaces: Adobe 98, Apple, Best, Beta, Bruce, CIE, ColorMatch, Don 4, EBU Monitor, EDI, Ekta Space PS5, HDTV, Rec. BT.601 (525 and 625), Rec. BT.709, Rec. BT.2020, Kodak DC, NTSC 53, PAL/SECAM (EBU 3213), Romm (Prophoto), SMPTE-C, sRGB (IEC 61966 2.1), Wide Gamut, arbitrary primaries and response-curves. - Lab-Colorspaces: CIELAB (L*a*b* 1976), Hunter Lab (Original and whitepoint-adapted), arbitrary Adams-Chromatic-Valence spaces. - 3D-View: All colorspaces can be viewed in any other colorspace with 3 channels. Lch, HSV and HSL can additionally be viewed in a cartesian coordinate system. - Metamerics and Illumination: Chromaticity error, Color rendering index, Visible range metameric index and UV range metameric index according to ISO 3664:2009 and ISO 23603:2005 with reference illumination D50, D55, D65 and D75. - Measurement devices: Currently, only the FD-7 measurement device is supported. Remission measurements currently always are based on D50. - All computations of this application are based on the Color Machine Library (CML).