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The process of experimenting with color is frustratingly slow - even when you use the developer tools included in browsers. Finding the right CSS properties is time consuming, and requires digging through the DOM tree. Due to this we settle on sub-par designs. Color Producer aims to fix that by giving you a productive way to explore uses of color in your website designs. Changes are instant and ideas can be tested in seconds rather than hours. Features: • Interactive Color Wheel (with 6 variations) • Live Remix browser (see your changes in real-time) • Link colors used in CSS to a color on the Color Wheel • Mix linked colors (control the % of colors being mixed) • Edit colors in bulk - simply select all the colors you want to link/add a modifier to and right click! • Add Color Modifiers to make a variety of adjustments • Quickly find the colors you want using the search bar • Extract colors from images (average or random samples) • Full tagging system - with emoji support! • Save and organize your frequently used and favorite colors • Light & Dark App theme • CSS source themes • Multiple CSS fonts • Much more! How It Works: When you load a webpage using the browser in Color Producer, it's working away behind the scenes to analyze and capture the colors used in CSS. Colors are then automatically placed into the Color Collection. From there you can start modifying the colors, and build relationships between them. Once finished you can save the CSS styles Color Producer is using, and incorporate them into your stylesheets.