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Color Seeds is a great color picker that enables you to focus on your next creative project. It is fun, fast, and easy to build, sample, explore, share and compose boundless color palettes. Color Seeds is a multipurpose color picker for artists, designers, and developers. It features a rich user interface that allows you to build a color palette from multiple sources; color swatch, image source, and screen pixels. Features: *Create -Build your palette from primary, secondary, and tertiary color sources -Save your custom color palettes -Visually shape your color schemes *Explore -Preview colors from endless digital source -Analyze range of colors by color picking used color palette -Discover pleasing equilibrium to the eye *Sample -Generate your palette from photos or images -Explore complimentary colors from images -Add harmony to your color palettes by adding balance *Share -Export colors to many popular formats -Switch color codes easily -Print your color palettes *Compile -Evaluate differences between pallets -Record previous, current, and future color trend’s -Easily visualize differences between palettes