ColorBook Converter

OS X 10.7
If you use one of many Adobe products, then you may have used one of the standard sets of colour swatches, such as Pantone or Trumatch, that Adobe provides in the ColorBook format. A spotlight search for "acb" will show what swatches you have installed. In addition to these, Adobe products can create custom color palattes in ACO format. By converting ACB and ACO files to the OS X standard format for color swatches using this simple utility, you can use the color swatches that you use in Photoshop in any app installed on your Mac, so for example you could select a Pantone color from your company logo as part of a Keynote presentation, or Pages document. To convert ACB or ACO swatches just open them in the app. They're automatically converted to the correct format and installed into your system. You don't even have to save them. The data contained in ACB swatches is licensed to you by Adobe. It is illegal to redistribute them. This application allows you to convert swatches that you have licensed for your own personal use. Any issues please contact via email, and we'll sort it out.