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A hand-crafted reader for DRM-free comics (CBR, CBZ, or PDF) Comickaze provides a powerful interface for managing your digital comic library: • Automatically figures out the info for your issues from their filenames • Don't worry about where your files are located - let Comickaze arrange them for you. They're always a drag-and-drop away! • Change info (such as Series or Publisher) for a single issue, or many at once • Create Boxes to organize your collection into lists • Choose the cover you like for issues with more than one Have fun reading your comics with a customizable reader: • Effortless page-turning via keyboard, mouse, and gestures • Choose whether to view issues in 1- or 2-page spreads • Go Full Screen to use your whole display • Hide pages, such as ads (automatically hides some ads) • Choose whether each issue reads left-to-right (western comics), or right-to-left (Manga)