Company Seals

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This app creates digital Company Seals. The user can stamp the company seal on any pdf and save the document. Original pdf documents are not changed. The following Seal sizes are available:- 1 5/8 inches 1 3/4 inches 2 inches Other seal images can be imported to this app. You need to import a 1024 pt x 1024 pt png/tiff image.The seal image background needs to be transparent. The user can export the company seal as a png/tiff image(1024 pt x 1024 pt) for other uses. Four seal templates are provided. The following can be chosen by the user:- 1)Seal colour 2)Seal Type 3)Border Type 4)Inner Border Type 5)Font Size 6)Font Name 7)Icon type(Round or Square) 8)Icon color(sealcolor mask or original). Company Icon Images needs to be 1024 pt x 1024 pt png/TIFF image with/without transparent background.Lower resolution icons may give poor quality seal images.