CompTIA A+ 220-902 Exam Prep

OS X 10.6
The new CompTIA A+ exams are more rigorous than ever before, and so is our app. Upward Mobility's new CompTIA A+ 902 app will thoroughly prepare you for the 220-902 IT technician certification with 300 questions and explanations, with expanded, all-new material written by a CompTIA-certified trainer. Our apps cover all topics to be found on the new CompTIA A+ 902 exam: – Windows Operating Systems – Other Operating Systems and Technologies – Security – Software Troubleshooting – Operational Procedures All of Dynamic Path's exam-prep apps have an intuitive UI for easy on-the-go studying. Each apps offers both: A Study Mode, where users can leisurely review questions and their explanations. We believe it's important not just to tell you if you were right or wrong, but to provide additional information to reinforce and expand your IT knowledge. A Test Mode, where users can simulate the exam experience with a timed test or just take a quick quiz, and review their results afterwards, individually and in aggregate. Dynamic Path is neither affiliated with nor endorsed by CompTIA.