CompuBench CL Desktop Edition 1.5

OS X 10.9
CompuBench is the first professional OpenCL benchmark to test and compare the parallel compute performance of CPUs, GPUs and accelerators of desktop devices. You can compare your results with all the other uploaded results inside the app on the Compare Page and at our website: On the Info Tab, you can review the hardware and compute-related capabilities of your device. Please note that the app requires an active Internet connection, and you have to allow outgoing data traffic to run all of the tests. If you do not allow outgoing traffic you will be only able to run a simple test (plus browse results and inspect hardware info). Outgoing data means only: • Hardware data to identify your device • Test results • Crash report with log file in case of a crash • No other data will be sent. With the collected data you help us to establish a database of results. Tests: Face detection TV-L1 Optical Flow Ocean Surface Simulation Particle Simulation T-Rex (Path Tracing) Video Composition Bitcoin Mining If you need any help, please contact us via email: