Contract Bridge Academy

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Improve your Bridge playing and get a better understanding of this great game with this collection of over 280 tuitional video lessons. Use this app as a “Video Referencing Library” where you can come back for a refresher lesson or search for how to do something new. App features: ** Edit the video title, subtitle and keep your own set of user notes. ** Move the video around it's group and even change it's group. ** Make videos your favourites and give them your own rating. ** Search by title or notes. ** View by favourites or rating. ** View by history the last ten played or visited videos. Lessons include: Learn How to Play Contract Bridge the Card Game - Part 1 JOIN US FOR BRIDGE WITH SHAW TAYLOR Chico Marx plays contract bridge on Championship Bridge with Charles Goren Bridge Tutorial 1 Game Concepts and Basics BridgeHands Poll 23 6 Notrump Slam Finesse Know Your Odds Contract Bridge Play Lead towards possible winners - Sky Bridge Club Learn to play contract bridge How to play Contract Bridge the Card Game pt 2 Lets Play Duplicate Bridge Bridge- The Game Of Skill And Luck Learn How to play Contract Bridge the Card Game pt 3 How to Learn the Basics of Bridge Overcalls Play Bridge Online - Simple card play in notrumps BridgeBase Online TUTORIAL 1 - Contract Bridge THE FINESSE Bridge Declarer Play - Pull Trump BridgeHands Social Lesson 11 Bill Gates Warren Buffett on Bridge BridgeBig - Play-for-money Online Contract Bridge Beta testers required Vincent van der Vliet -- Your granny is a nerd -- she plays bridge DISCARDING LOSERS BriJ Play multiple hands Our Toronto Bridge for Beginners Duty of a Contract Bridge Player - card game TRICKS THROUGH LENGTH Bridge The card game Lesson 21 - Declarer Play How to play bridge 1wmv Warren Buffett and Bill Gates play bridge Learn How to Play Contract Bridge the Card Game - Resource guide Responding to Overcalls Bridge the card game - Lesson 25 - Bergen Learn to play Mini Bridge Welcome to Sky Bridge Club - Learn bridge Play bridge against the computer Introduction to Bridge Game