Contract Manager

OS X 10.9
With «Contract Manager» you man manage all of your contracts (Insurance, rental contract, lease contract etc.) Features: • Unlimited number of contracts • Unlimited number of user definable categories • Add contractors, agent or contact data (phone, email, homepage, etc.) from macOS address book • Sorting by name, category, contract partner, contracted person • Termination date can been added to the calendar as an event • Show termination date in calendar • Mark contract as inactive • Filter contracts by contracted person • Contracted person is visible in the list of contracts • Send E-Mail notification to contractor • Send contract change as e-mail to contractor • Send contract termination as e-mail to contractor • Evaluation with a list of all contracts with all field of the contract details (incl. export and print) • Automatically save all changes • You can add unlimited number of documents to any contract • Drag and Drop emails from mail application • Drag and Drop photos from photo application • Management of durations and termination • Evaluation of contracts (cost per month, quarter, year) • Graphical overview of evaluation with export feature in pixel or vector format • Print all contracts as a list • Print all visible contracts (if filter is activated) • Print all contracts with details • Print all visible contracts with details (if filter is activated) • Print selected contract with details • Copy all data into the clipboard (for further processing with Excel®, Pages® or LibreOffice etc.) • Export all data as a CSV file (for further processing with Excel®, Pages® or LibreOffice etc.) • Import data from a CSV file • Price increases in the individual contracts can be held in a list • Graphical overview of the price increases with export function in pixel or vector format • Backup all data (incl. CSV file) on internal or external disk, network or usb stick