Control Voltage – Foundation Of Synthesis

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See how Control Voltages changed the world of electronic music and synthesis... Marc Doty—lead educator for The Bob Moog Foundation—is back with a series of tutorials in this course on Voltage Control. But what is Voltage Control and how do you use it in the world of hardware synths? Well, here's the story: In the early days of sound synthesis, if you wanted your sounds to change or evolve in any way whatsoever, you had to do it manually. Need the pitch to go up? Grab the the oscillator knob and turn it! Want the volume to change? Again, grab the volume knob! What about sequencing a series of notes? Well, before voltage control, you had to record every pitch onto magnetic tape and cut them all together in the order and rhythm that you wanted. It was hard work to create electronic music way back when! Voltage control forever changed all that! And in this course Marc Doty shows how different hardware synth designers harness the power of VCs to transform and supercharge electronic music composition. Taken one step further you'll see how Voltage Control was the mother of MIDI... and we all know how powerful MIDI is! Bob Moog was an early pioneer and inventor of voltage-controlled analog synthesizers. He revolutionized the music industry and his ideas, inventions and musical instruments have dominated the sound of music for more than 30 years. Aside from being an innovator, Dr. Bob was an outspoken advocate of education. The Bob Moog Foundation, created by his daughter, Michelle Moog-Kousa, continues his legacy with Dr. Bob's SoundSchool, the preservation of his inventions and the development of the Moogseum—the only museum of its kind dedicated to the advancement of sonic education. We hope you will help support the BMF's efforts by watching these courses with the knowledge that a large portion of the proceeds go to support their awesome efforts! So sit back, hit the play button, and proceed on your journey into the Foundation of Synthesis with Marc Doty, and the Bob Moog Foundation. Be sure to watch all 6 of the BMF's courses on filters, modulation, oscillators, sound design and more! Table of contents: 1. Control Voltage Introduction 2. Control Voltage Explanation - Part 1 3. Control Voltage Explanation - Part 2 4. The Low Frequency Oscillator - Part 1 5. The Low Frequency Oscillator - Part 2 6. The LFO Applied to Filter - Part 1 7. The LFO Applied to Filter - Part 2 8. The LFO Applied to Amp 9. The Voyager Modulation Matrix - Part 1 10. The Voyager Modulation Matrix - Part 2 11. The Voyager Modulation Matrix - Part 3 12. The CS-50 Modulation Matrix 13. The Envelope - Part 1 14. The Envelope - Part 2 15. The Envelope - Part 3 16. The Envelope - Part 4 17. The Envelope - Part 5 18. Even Yet Still More Envelope 19. The CS-50 Filter Envelope - Part 1 20. The CS-50 Filter Envelope - Part 2 21. Amp Modulation 22. Keyboard Control Voltage