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Getting tired of looking for online tools to do simple conversions for you? Not sure what happens with your strings when doing conversions online?Convert String easily converts any of your strings into the desired string. Currently the following conversions are supported:• Lower- or uppercasing, capitalizing, and reversing • AP, APA, CMOS, and MLA style formatting • Encoding and decoding Base64, Hex, HTML, and URLs • Encoding and decoding ROT-5, ROT-13, ROT-18, and ROT-47 • Sorting (and reverse sorting) with several separators • History of all conversions • Exporting to CSV, JSON, or XMLWe respect your privacy. Nothing you enter into Convert String ever leaves your Mac. Convert String does not phone home.We are sure you'll love Convert String as much as we do. It'll fit into your workflow effortlessly.If you have any suggestions or if you have found a bug we should take care of, don’t hesitate to shoot us an email at will never bother you for a rating or review when you are using the app, but we certainly do appreciate it if you took a minute to rate us here on the App Store. Thank you.