Cool Color Picker Free

OS X 10.10
It can help you to pick the color you need and to get it in all formats. It is designed for professional use and can help to get the color you need very quickly. But even if you're not a professional, you'll be able to use this app. Choose a color you need from anywhere of your screen and get it in all possible formats. -QUICK ACCESS to a picker – click one button Easy to use and fast professional tool -Choose ANY PIXEL on your screen Just pick the color you need from anywhere -Get the color in 3 FORMATS 3 possible formats of color in one click -COPY BUTTON makes the process even faster Copy the code of the color in one click -Professional COLOR TOOL For professional designers or those who need to know the exact format of color. To get the format of the color you like in a few seconds is not a problem with Cool Color Picker