CopyCopy – Copy, Paste, Keep.

OS X 10.7
CopyCopy is an instant copy and paste service in the cloud. • Easily copy and paste anything between all your devices. • Access anything you’ve copied in the past via your cloud account. • Anything that can be copied, can be copycopied: from text & photos to web content and files. • All your stuff is searchable via our webapp from any browser. • Based on regular copy & paste, so works with any app and any content. COPY & PASTE BETWEEN DEVICES Why is it so hard to transfer stuff between the phone in your hand and the computer on your desk? With CopyCopy, simply use the regular copy command twice - then instantly paste on any of your devices! THE SIMPLEST WAY TO KEEP STUFF FOR LATER If you have too much content and information flying past you every day, CopyCopy is the simplest way to solve information overload. Just copy anything (twice!), and rest easy knowing it’s safely stored in your online account, ready for when you need it most. Use our desktop, tablet and phone apps, or sign in to your account from any browser, and view all your useful information anywhere. COPY ANYTHING CopyCopy handles it all - from text and photos, to web content and folders. Anything that can be selected & copied in any app, can be copycopied. Simply copy useful content using the regular copy operation twice in row and it's instantly sent to your online account without any fuss. You can continue to copy and paste super-private stuff normally by copying once and it won’t be sent to the cloud. Copy twice, or copy once and click the pop-up button) when you want to paste that data on any device or keep it in your account for later (patent pending).