Copy’em Paste (Clipboard Mgr.)

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Copy'em Paste is a powerful clipboard manager for turbocharging your daily workflow. It records your clipboard history of copied text, images, links, and screenshots, etc., and lets you recall/paste them anytime, right at your fingertips. Use it to copy and paste items in batches (so minimizing switching between apps), capture screenshots and collect research data, store favorite clippings permanently, paste frequent snippets via keyboard shortcuts, strip text formats or transform text, organize clippings into different lists, sort and label them, look them up by keywords/types, preview and edit their text, and so on. All done with speed and reliability. It is a valuable time-saver that is both rich in features and easy to use! KEY FEATURES - Automatically remembers the things copied by regular copy/cut commands - Accepts text, images, links, HTML, code, PDFs, files, and clippings of proprietary formats - Can store unlimited number of clippings - Click the app's menubar icon or press Command-Shift-V (customizable) to open the clippings window - Can paste clippings via drag-and-drop into target applications - Can be configured to paste into VNC, NoMachine, Parallels, etc. - Batch pasting of multiple snippets - Can paste clippings with local shortcuts ('0' to '9' and 'a' to 'z') - Can paste clippings with unlimited number of global shortcuts - Plain-text mode option to paste any rich text as plain text - Hold Option key to switch between pasting text as plain text or rich text (i.e., temporarily do the opposite of plain-text mode) - Text transformation options (capitalization, line-unwrapping, stripping whitespace, adding prefixes/suffixes, etc.) - Can enable/disable text transformations with global shortcuts - Press Space or Left-Arrow key to preview clippings in a large, resizable popover window - Unlimited number of lists for you to organize your favorite clippings - Auto-star mode where newly arrived clippings are automatically put into the current starred list - Fast switching between lists via app-local shortcuts (such as Command-1, Command-2, etc.) - Use swiping or Command-[ and Command-] shortcuts to navigate backward and forward between lists - Sort clippings by drag-and-drop, creation dates, most-recently-used dates, and paste frequency, etc. - Rearrange clippings in starred lists via drag-and-drop - Find clippings by search, content-type filtering, and application-name filtering - Fast searching, with search-as-you-type, and options to auto-focus and auto-clear the search field - Can edit text clippings - Can assign names to clippings or edit them - Open clippings window next to current mouse location (in order to minimize mouse movement) - Option to keep the window open after each paste operation; by default, the window automatically closes after use - Capture screenshots (full screen, windows, selected areas, etc.) as clippings - Blacklist applications, so clippings from them won't be saved - Stop (or resume) collecting new clippings - Can delete selected clippings, selected sets, or entire lists - Change the theme, with option to show text clippings in original colors or grayscale - Automatically switch theme according to the OS X theme setting - Option to play sounds when copying and/or pasting UPGRADE (in-app purchase with 14-day free trial) - Export all or selected clippings to disk, and import them back on any Mac; e.g., use them as backups or share them - Automatically sync your clippings and preferences through your own iCloud account YOUR FEEDBACK If you have questions or suggestions, please email us at If you enjoy using Copy'em Paste, please leave us a review and support us!