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Ever got a case when you copyright been crop off the image? Simple retouch manipulation allows image it size to remove copyright information from image but not from metadata. Introducing simple and efficient tool CopirightToExif, that allow YOU to embedded Author and Copyright notice directly into your images metadata. Follow this simple steps to protect your valuable images before sending it to internet or to a client, and never ever run into dispute whom this images belong. Just a few simple steps: • Select list of images where you want to embed you Author and Copyright info • Change if desired default Author and Copyright fields. • Save a copy of your images with Author and Copyright info included! --- What you get with this software: • Instant image processing. • Select images individually, by folder or by dragging them into gray dashed line square within the app. • Copies of your images now contain Author and Copyright info and now stored in the folder you specified. • Fill free to send you images as now they are protected by embedded copyright information. • For your confidence you may use standard Preview application from macOS to confirm that Author and Copyright info are now embedded into image as shown on screenshots above. File formats supported: JPEG