Corrupt JPEG Checker

OS X 10.7
Scan for corrupt JPEG image files recursively. Worried about your precious image files? Check them over. Get that piece of mind for a small cost Video Demo: or click support link Also available for Windows: Other tools only check meta data, this does both, image and the meta data. This program will detect corrupt JPEG images. It will detect visually corrupt and meta data corrupt JPEG files and then provide the user with a set of actions. For the difference see below. -- List of Functionality -- * Handle whatever you can throw at it, biggest batch so far 700 GB! * Detect visually corrupt JPEGs (Images that will not display correctly) * Detect meta corrupt JPEGs (Images that will display correctly but are incorrect) * Scan recursively (Folders in folders etc ...) * Produce a CSV (Comma Separated Value) file for logging or sorting in Excel * Move the corrupt files (selectable by visually corrupt or meta) * Delete the corrupt files (selectable by visually corrupt or meta) * Full tooltips for ease of use * Simple user interface * Press space to preview the corrupt image * Copy the corrupt file name * Single delete of corrupt images from the list or batch move or delete actions