Count & Sum by Color for Microsoft Excel

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If you use font or background color in your table to highlight certain cells or group similar data, Count & Sum by Color app will help you work with colored cells. With this app you can: • count colored cells; • sum cell values based on their color; • calculate average; • find minimum and maximum values; • paste the results to your table. When you work with the app you can choose the below options: • show results for the selected color; • display results for all colors in groups; • choose the font or background color option. You may find the app helpful for one of the following tasks: • Count survey responses in your table (yes/no – green/red); • Determine the number of items remaining in each store (sum the cell values based on their color); • Quickly find the best result by displaying the maximum value in the table. For example, if the best result of each period is colored green. • Fast analysis of the Financial Statements – find minimum and maximum numbers.