Counting Coins

OS X 10.7
Attainment Company has produced several functional math programs over the years. As technology continues to change and advance, so do Attainment’s collection of math resources. This mac app teaches money skills with an option to use either U.S. or Canadian currency: Featuring clear, realistic graphics and an easy-to-navigate interface. Plus, this money talks! Determine which coins are presented, choose U.S. or Canadian currency, and scanning options. Counting Coins has four activities: Naming, Matching, Sorting, and Vending Machine. Counting Coins is a great way to integrate functional activities into your math curriculum. Ideal for adolescents and adults with developmental disabilities, including autism. Standout Features: · Realistic graphics · Age-neutral content · Speech supports · Easy-to-use interface · Select coins for each user · Choose between U.S. and Canadian coins · Access Dollars and Cents with single or two-switch scanning