Course For Core Keynote ’09 101

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If you need to present a topic, Keynote is the tool for you! Forget about PowerPoint ... Keynote is made for your Mac ... If you're using a Mac computer, Keynote '09 is the perfect presentation tool. You can use Keynote to display text, bullet points, graphs, pictures and even full QuickTime movies. It's an amazing and versatile tool for adding spice to your public presentations. In this tutorial by Gary Atkins, you'll learn how to create, edit, manage, and deploy complex and visually engaging presentations. Gary shows you how to build slides, use transitions, and add objects to your project to create presentations that will impress your audience, everytime. This is a comprehensive tutorial, but you don't need to watch the entire show. Use the detailed menus and keyword search functions to quickly find topics of interest. For a full list of this tutorial's topics, see the Table of Contents. Table of Contents: 01. Introduction 02. What's New in Keynote '09 03. Starting Keynote 04. Presenter Guide Lines 05. Choosing a Theme and Slide Size 06. Naming and Saving a File 07. Save As Key Command 08. Creating a New Slide 09. Saving a File 10. Changing the View 11. Adding a Slide in Outline View 12. Applying a Master Slide Layout 13. Maximize/Minimize the Keynote Window 14. Scrolling and Zooming 15. The Zoom Menu 16. Playing a Slideshow 17. Quitting Keynote 18. Opening a Recent File 19. Close and Open Key Commands 20. Spell Check 21. Spell Check Key Commands 22. Speech to Text as a Editing Tool 23. Undo and Redo 24. Presentation Demo 25. Creating a New Presentation 26. Switching Programs Key Command 27. Copying and Pasting 28. The View Menu 29. The View Button 30. Changing Fonts, Size and Color 31. Font Style and Formatting 32. Adding Stroke and Fill to a Text Box 33. Colors Button 34. Working with the Fonts Window 35. Font Effects 36. Font Collections 37. Font Panel Actions Button 38. Font Size Key Commands 39. New Slide Navigator View 40. Cut, Copy and Paste 41. Duplicating and Deleting Slides 42. Moving Slides 43. Moving Around Your Presentation 44. Grouping Your Slides 45. Using Comments to Organize Your Slides 46. Show/Hide the Inspector Window 47. Formatting Text 48. Formatting Columns 49. Formatting Bullets 50. Formatting Numbering 51. Adding a Text Box 52. Numbering Slides 53. Adding a Table 54. Adding a Chart 55. Inserting Graphics from another Program 56. Resizing Graphics or Pictures 57. Inserting Pictures from iPhoto 58. Resizing and Positioning Pictures with the Inspecto... 59. Changing the Background Color of a Slide 60. Using Instant Alpha to Remove Background Colors 61. Adding Reflections & Shadows 62. Adding Shapes 63. Animating Pictures 64. Placing Audio on a Slide from iTunes 65. Audio Settings 66. Inserting a Movie (from iPhoto or iMovie) 67. Movie Settings 68. Applying a Theme Using the Toolbar 69. Applying a Theme from Master Slides 70. Applying a Theme to All Slides 71. Slide Transitions 72. Using Transitions to Organize Your Slides 73. Magic Moves Transition 74. Animating Bullets Using Object Builds 75. Animating Images Using Object Builds 76. Animating Charts Using Object Builds 77. Presenter Notes 78. Printing Your Handouts & Presenter Notes 79. Rehearse Slideshow 80. Record and Play Slideshow 81. Keynote Remote 82. Exporting as a QuickTime Movie 83. Viewing a QuickTime Movie 84. Exporting as a PowerPoint File 85. Exporting as a PDF File 86. Exporting as a Pod Cast 87. Sharing Your File Using Mail 88. Using Part 1 89. Using Part 2 90. Wrap Up