Course For Final Cut Pro X 104 – Advanced Editing Techniques

OS X 10.9
Final Cut Pro X, with its easy-to-use, freeform timeline, is truly revolutionary. However, with new ideas come new challenges and tools. This in-depth editing tutorial by expert editor Michael Wohl, dives beneath the “Magnetic” timeline’s surface to show you FCP X’s many incredibly powerful editing modes and tools. Get this tutorial to learn all about the new, Advanced Editing Techniques in Final Cut Pro X. After watching Michael Wohl’s Final Cut Pro X 103: Editing In The Magnetic Timeline tutorial, you probably think you’re ready to cut video—well, not...quite...yet! The truth is: you have just begun to scratch the FCP X surface! In this Advanced Editing Techniques tutorial, the acclaimed Michael Wohl directs his editorial laser beam on the got-to-know essentials of editing in FCP X and it all begins with the art of trimming edits. Just as a sculptor carefully chips away at a block of marble to create a masterpiece, editors, too, cut and trim their edits to help reveal the story locked inside. The concepts you will learn in this Michael Wohl masterpiece will help you transform your first cut into a highly polished Final Cut. As this tutorial unfolds, Michael explains many different kinds of edits and how to use FCP X’s arsenal of tools to achieve incredible results. He covers Ripple, Roll, and Split and Slide techniques. The Precision Editor and Trim Tool are also explained in detail. He shows how you can trim from the keyboard, and how to use numerical trimming and advanced keyboard shortcuts to help streamline your workflow. Next we delve into “Auditions” which is one the coolest new features in Final Cut Pro X. Imagine that you have several different versions of a shot inside a given scene. The Auditions feature allows you to combine these various shots in a single “audition clip” that you can dynamically switch between shots, on the fly, as your scene is playing! From there, Michael dives into secondary storylines and the powerful FCP X feature of editing of complex compound clips. This Advanced Editing Techniques tutorial is a must-view collection of videos that focuses like a laser on Final Cut Pro X’s awesome new editing toolkit! So sit in with master Michael Wohl,’s Start trainer and get the knowledge you need to sharpen your Final Cut Pro X editing skills! Table of Contents: 1. Introduction 2. Rippling Edits 3. Detailed Trimming Feedback 4. Roll Edits & the Trim Tool 5. Trimming from the Keyboard 6. Trimming Numerically 7. Advanced Trimming Shortcuts 8. Trimming with Connected Clips 9. The Precision Editor 10. Creating Split Edits with Expanded Clips 11. Slip and Slide Edits 12. What are Auditions 13. Creating Auditions in the Timeline 14. Creating Auditions in the Event Browser 15. Switching Audition Picks on the Fly 16. Duplicating Clips as Auditions 17. Applying Effects to all Picks 18. Deleting Picks and Finalizing Auditions 19. Creating Secondary Storylines 20. Editing in Secondary Storylines 21. Trimming in Secondary Storylines 22. Removing Clips and Breaking Apart 23. Creating Compound Clips 24. Complex Compound Clips 25. Creating Compound Clips in the Event Browser 26. Editing Compound Clips' Contents 27. Breaking Apart Compound Clips