Course For Final Cut Pro X 108 – Exporting and Sharing Your Work

OS X 10.6.6
Outputting to different video formats is one of Final Cut Pro X’s greatest assets. Learn everything you need to know about exporting and sharing your video projects from editor and motion graphics expert Michael Wohl... So now that your video project has been edited, color corrected, audio-sweetened, titled and filled with FX, how do you Export and Share it? In this concluding tutorial in our Final Cut Pro X 100 series, Master Trainer Michael Wohl takes you through every important step in the Exporting and Sharing process. First you’ll learn all about Media Management –how to best organize and Consolidate your projects. Next is an important section on Rendering where Michael explains how FCP X renders in the background and how you can customize those settings to match your workflow. From there he shows all the different ways you can check your work using Full Screen Playback to make sure that every frame in your project is exactly as you want it to be before you send it out into the world! Now it’s time to export. In this section Michael takes you through the different options where you’ll learn export your entire movie or just a section for review purposes. Sometimes you just want to export the audio and still images –this tutorial covers it all! There’s even a section on sending your project to Apple’s Compressor software for a vast array of highly customizable exporting options. It’s nice to Share! ...and Michael Wohl “shares” his vast knowledge of Final Cut Pro X’s built-in sharing features: Your learn how to Share on you local computer, a network, on all Apple devices, for podcasting, on DVDs and Blu-ray discs. Your Final Cut Pro masterpiece can also be shared on popular video sharing sites like YouTube and Vimeo, and Master Wohl will show you how. After watching this FCP X tutorial by macProVideo.coms MIchael Wohl you too will be an expert at exporting and sharing your projects across the video playback universe! Table of Contents: 1. Introduction 2. Handling Offline Files 3. Reveal In Finder 4. Offline Files in Projects 5. Re-ording Event Priority 6. Consolidating Projects 7. Using Proxies and Transcoding Media 8. Manual Rendering 9. Full-screen Playback 10. Export Movie 11. Export Selection 12. The Sharing Pane 13. Exporting Audio 14. Exporting Still Images 15. Exporting Using Compressor Settings 16. Send to Compressor 17. Sharing on your local computer 18. Sharing for Apple Devices 19. Sharing to Podcast Producer 20. Burning a DVD 21. Burning a Blu-ray disk 22. Sharing to Popular Video Sharing Sites