Course For Flash 101 – Tools and Concepts

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Get a solid foundation of the basic Tools and Concepts of Adobe Flash CS6 with internationally acclaimed trainer Iain Anderson... Creating animations in Flash is easy when you know the basic tools and concepts! Our favorite Flash expert, Iain Anderson, begins this course by explaining how to efficiently set up, view and navigate a new Flash document. Next, he’s on to exploring the freehand line tools and their editing options, graduating quickly to the primitive and solid shape tools. You'll learn the intricacies of how to effectively draw your own objects with the confidence of understanding how each tool behaves. From there, Iain explains when to group your drawing objects or when it’s more efficient to create symbols instead. Next is a look at Text, as well as how to use the powerful and sometimes overlooked Eyedropper Tool. You’ll also learn how to import external graphics and apply Color and Filter Effects to begin breathing life into your images before even animating them! By the end of this course you’ll be well-prepared to start adding action and movement to your artwork. Table of contents: 1. Introduction 2. Viewing and Navigating 3. Setting up a New Document 4. Drawing Tools: The Pen and Pencil Tools 5. Stroke Options and Settings 6. Fill Options and Settings: The Brush and Eraser Tool... 7. Shapes and Primitives 8. Selecting and Reshaping Objects 9. Grouping and Symbol Basics 10. Stroke, Fill and Gradient Color 11. Eyedropper Tool Modes: Paint Bucket and Ink Bottle 12. Working with Text 13. Importing and Editing External Graphics 14. Advanced import Options 15. Using and Editing Symbols 16. Tricks with Symbols and Symbol Instances 17. Color Effect Blending Options 18. Filter Effect Options 19. Deco Tool Options 20. Basic Layer Options and Settings 21. Object Management: Arrangement and Editing