Course for Flexing Vocals – Time and Pitch

OS X 10.9
Focusing on how to use Flex Pitch with vocals, this course starts with a history of pitch correction in Logic. Next, you learn how to identify problem areas with your vocals, and correct the singer's pitch, gain, and formants. Then the course demonstrates useful vocal concepts like doubling vocals, creating harmonies and creative Pitch Drift techniques.Logic Pro X adds a new "Flex Pitch" feature that lets you tweak vocals to make a perfect recording. It's a cool new addition to Flex Time— and David Earl dishes out its secrets in this new Flex Vocals Course. App Features: • 69 minutes of video training • Super clear explanations • Offline Playback (no internet connection needed) • Easy to navigate Course Outline: 1. A History of Pitch Correction in Logic (04:45) 2. Revisiting Flex Mode (03:08) 3. Flex Pitch in the Main Window (03:53) 4. Creating New Note Events (02:51) 5. Unvoiced Notes Splitting (03:08) 6. Pitch Modulation (04:33) 7. Fine Tuning Pitch Display (04:40) 8. Using Gain in Flex Pitch (03:43) 9. Formant Control in Flex Pitch (04:36) 10. Using the Inspector for Flex Pitch (03:29) 11. Adjusting Time (04:42) 12. Tuning (03:32) 13. More Tuning (03:12) 14. Timing Tops (04:01) 15. Timing Ends (02:11) 16. Creating Harmonies (04:19) 17. Creative Pitch Drift (02:56) 18. In Context (02:57) 19. Extract MIDI (02:35)