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Digital publication is an exciting new medium that opens up lots of creative doors and opportunities! Join Michele Hjörleifsson and learn how iBooks Author can help you create stunning original content to be shared all around the world... We live in a multimedia era, where all forms of communication come together and interact with each other. The arrival and development of mobile devices that combine many technologies and put them at our "fingertaps" is something that has changed our world in so many ways; we are surrounded (sometimes overwhelmed!) with information. When it comes to publishing electronically, the iBooks Author software allows authors to create dynamic, interactive content for iOS devices. In this basic exploration of iBooks Author, Michele Hjörleifsson brings his electronic publishing expertise to show you the many ways this clever application can assist you in creating gorgeous ibooks that bring together text, video, images, and more. So join Michele and start planning your next ebook as you learn all about iBooks Author in this in-depth, 31-tutorial course. Table of contents: 1. Introduction 2. Built-In and Third Party Templates. 3. iBooks Built-in Tools 4. Widgets Overview 5. Testing and Publishing Overview 6. Installing iBooks Author 7. Interface Basics - Part 1 8. Interface Basics - Part 2 9. Adding Content - Part 1 10. Adding Content - Part 2 11. Exploring Styles 12. Custom Styles 13. Setting Up Your Book 14. Outlines 15. About Layout and Aesthetics 16. Adding Text Boxes 17. Adding Shapes, Tables and Charts 18. Inspector and Media Browser 19. Section 3 Overview 20. Gallery Widget 21. Media Widget for Audio 22. Keynote Widget 23. HTML Widget 24. Preparing Video Content 25. Adding Video Content 26. 3D Widget Overview 27. 3D Widget Functionality 28. Interactive Images 29. The Review Widget 30. Previewing Content 31. Exporting and Publishing