Course For InDesign CS5 101

OS X 10.6.6
InDesign is the worldwide, de facto desktop publishing application. Learn the basics of InDesign in this tutorial and start publishing today! This tutorial begins by exploring the InDesign graphical interface. You’ll learn how to move and navigate through files and how to best set up InDesign help you work efficiently. With the basics under your belt, you'll move on to working with text and learning contemporary typography techniques, as well as managing imported text, and multiple text frames. Next up, you'll discover how to work with shapes and how to import graphics, including native Photoshop and Illustrator files. Finally, learn how to move your work out of InDesign and into many different formats for your viewers. It's all here in Adobe InDesign 101! So hop aboard the Geoff Blake express and gain the skills you need to master this powerful application. Table of Contents: 1. Welcome to InDesign! 2. Touring the Welcome Screen 3. Setting Up A New Document 4. Setting the Unit of Measurement 5. Touring the Application and Control Bars 6. A Look at the Toolbox 7. Touring Through InDesign's Panels 8. Zoom & Navigation Techniques 9. Using the Rulers 10. Hands-On Technique: Creating Bleed Guides 11. Getting Started with Text 12. Manipulating & Adjusting Text Frames 13. Importing Text Into Text Frames 14. A Second Technique For Importing Text 15. Setting Textframe Options Part 1 16. Setting Textframe Options Part 2 17. Connecting Text Frames 18. Adding Additional Text Frames 19. Viewing & Understanding The Text Flow 20. Hands-On Technique: Importing Into Threaded Frames 21. Setting Fonts, Sizes, and Colors 22. Indents, Spacing & Alignments 23. Understanding Kerning, Tracking & Leading 24. Setting Up the Document 25. Making Font Choices 26. Determing A Color Scheme & Creating Colors in InDes... 27. Our Layout's Color Scheme & Getting The Layout Unde... 28. Assembling The Layout 29. Finishing Off the Layout & Design 30. Final Remarks 31. Frame Tools vs. Shape Tools 32. Drawing Rectangles & Squares 33. Drawing Ovals & Circles 34. Drawing Polygons, Triangles & Stars 35. Applying Fills & Strokes to Your Shapes 36. Managing Shapes 37. Controlling Shape Content 38. Importing JPEGs & TIFFs 39. Understanding File Formats & Resolution 40. Understanding Graphics & Frames 41. Handling Imported Graphics 42. Importing Illustrator Content & Setting Display Per... 43. Importing Photoshop Files 44. Touring The Links Panel 45. Editing & Updating Illustrator Files 46. Editing & Updating Photoshop Content 47. Setting Up The Layout 48. Inserting The Chapter Label 49. Inserting the Chapter Title Graphic 50. Importing the Chapter Text 51. Adding On Additional Pages 52. Packaging Your Layout 53. Creating PDFs From InDesign 54. Goodbye