Course For Lightroom – Wedding Photography

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Here comes the bride!… Watch as internationally-acclaimed Adobe expert and photographer Martin Perhiniak teaches you how to squeeze every last drop of gorgeousness from every photo in this Adobe Lightroom 4 Wedding Photography course! Martin starts by explaining the advantages of using the Adobe Camera Raw format as well demonstrating how to keep your catalogs and collections well-organized. He then turns to the Develop module and shows you how to clean-up and enhance your photos. You’ll learn how to whiten teeth, smooth out blemishes (including tattoos) and correct poorly exposed photos to help your subjects radiate optimum health and beauty. He also shows you how to quickly create classic black and white, vignetted and other nostalgic effects. Martin extends these enhancement techniques into Lightroom’s big sister product, Adobe Photoshop. Here you’ll see how to create more advanced textured effects. But best of all, you’ll discover how to create the “perfect” group photo from multiple “takes” to show each group member in their best possible light! Martin also teaches you how to assemble your collected wedding photos into the ultimate “crown jewel” of any wedding photography package - a photo book! What better way to compile and deliver your final images to your client than by producing a beautiful photo album that anyone can purchase directly from! Table of contents: 1. Introduction 2. The Importance of Working with RAW Photos 3. Working with Lightroom Catalogs 4. Importing Photos 5. Organizing Photos 6. Using Keywords 7. Creating Collections 8. Black & White Photos 9. Split Toning 10. Local Sharpening 11. Retouching Skin 12. Vintage Effect - Part 1 13. Vintage Effect - Part 2 14. Adjusting Exposure for Backlit Photos 15. Removing Tattoos 16. Using the Crop Tool 17. Color Pop Effect 18. Lens Correction 19. Vignetting 20. Reduce Noise 21. Whitening Teeth 22. Changing the Background 23. The Book Module 24. Book Settings 25. Layout Options 26. Captions 27. Background Options 28. Exporting the Book 29. Working with Blend Modes 30. Editing Group Shots 31. Learn More from Other Advanced Courses