Course For Logic EXS24

OS X 10.6.6
David Dvorin, the former Manager of Educational Development for Apple's Pro Apps division, shows you how to get the most out of Logic's ESX24 Digital Sampler! The EXS24 is the workhorse sampler that sits at the base of many modern musical compositions. With it's ability to stream digital samples directly off your computer's hard drive, the EXS24 is an extremely powerful studio tool. In this tutorial program, David Dvorin demonstrates essential ESX24 sampling skills including how to build your own custom EXS24 instruments. In fact, by the end of this tutorial you'll be able to confidently create realistic multi-sample instruments using zone and velocity mapping. You'll also learn how to accurately trim and loop samples, how to simulate vibrato and use the EXS24's filter section to add realism, and how to import many popular sample libraries including Akai sample CDs and Giga Sampler libraries. This tutorial provides you with the quick-way into Logic's ESX24 Sampler. If you're looking to to get the most out of the EXS24, this tutorial is a perfect jump-start. For a detailed list of the topics this tutorial covers, check out the Table of Contents. Table of Contents: 01. Introduction 02. Opening An ESX24 Sampler 03. Loading Sampler Instruments 04. Importing Sample Libraries 05. Converting Akai Sample CDs 06. Converting Giga Sampler Files 07. Converting Sample Cell Files 08. Organizing Sample Libraries 09. Moving Sample Files 10. Optimizing The EXS24 11. Sampler Instruments Overview 12. Creating Sampler Instruments 13. Working With Zones 14. Assigning The Reference Note 15. Working With Velocity 16. Trimming Samples 17. Setting Loop Points 18. Creating Drum Instruments 19. Using Zone Groups 20. Advanced Zone Groups 21. The Filter Section 22. Using Modulation 23. Simulating Vibrato 24. LFO Envelopes & Fade Ins 25. Adding "Realism" To Samples 26. Adding FX Plugins 27. Using Multi Outputs