Course For Mac OS X (10.7) 101 – Core Lion

OS X 10.9
Lion is Apple's Latest version of Mac OS X (10.7). Bring your OS X skills "Back To The Mac" by watching this 2-hour tutorial by Star Trainer and Mac Guru Francesco Schiavon.nnMac OS X 10.7 Lion has been referred to by Apple as "Back to the Mac". That's because iOS took a lot from the original Mac OS X and built on the unique touch interface of the iOS devices. In OS 10.7 Lion, Apple brings a lot of their iOS experience "back to the Mac". Specially the interaction with touch surfaces like the Magic Mouse and Magic Trackpad have become a central feature of Mac OS, but there's also a whole lot more ... This course covers the main features that were added to Mac OS X Lion, and how to use them every day while working with your computer. From some of the new additions to the Finder, like "All My Files" searching and overlay scrollbars, to the main features of Mail, passing through the interaction using gestures, how fullscreen applications work, accessing every visible window on your Mac via Mission Control, getting super quick access to all your Apps with Launchpad, saving your work with Auto Save, Versions and Resume, and a brief introduction to the Mac App Store for quick access to the latest Mac software. This is a comprehensive tutorial, but you don't have to watch the entire show. Use the detailed menus and Keyword Search features to quickly find topics of interest - that's the essence of NonLinear Educating! Table of Contents: 1. Overview of the Course 2. Intro to All My Files 3. What are Overlay Scrollbars? 4. Resizing Windows 5. Updates to Quick Look 6. Changing Item Arrangement in the Finder 7. Merging Folders 8. Managing Folder Contents 9. Grouping Items in a Folder 10. What's Wrong with my Mouse Scrolling? 11. Accessing your Library Folder 12. Gestures: Swiping with Two Fingers 13. Gestures: Zooming and Navigating 14. Full Screen Apps 15. Exiting Full Screen Apps 16. Intro to Mission Control 17. Engaging Mission Control with the Keyboard 18. Adding and Editing Desktops 19. Accessing Many Windows with Mission Control 20. Managing Desktops with Mission Control 21. Working with Launchpad 22. Dragging Apps from Launchpad to the Dock 23. How Resume works 24. Mac App Store Basics 25. What is Auto Save? 26. Some Apps Don't use Auto Save (Yet) 27. Using Versions for your Documents 28. Restoring Parts of a Prior Version 29. Duplicate Files using Versions 30. Conclusions