Course For Motion 5 103 – Animating Text

OS X 10.6.6
What can Motion do with text? Well, anything you can possible imagine! With its advanced text creation and animation tools your 3D text can fly across the screen, rocket to the horizon and burst into molecular oblivion! Let Motion Master Michael Wohl show you how... In this third tutorial in our Motion 5 series, “text-pert” Michael Wohl is very busy texting but instead of using his iPhone, he’s doing it with Motion 5! Motion’s text manipulation potential is truly awesome. From simple crawls and scrolls to explosive animations Motion does it all—and Michael Wohl shows you how! He starts off with a solid summary of the basic tools. Then Michael explains the various text styles and all the ways to format and transform individual letters to whole paragraphs. Next Michael explores Paths, and how to use Motion’s collection of tools and presets for creating interesting Shapes and Splines. After that there’s an in-depth section on creating scrolls and crawls for those breaking news moments and movie-style credits. The final section is all about animation and this is where Motion shines! Michael shows how to deploy the vast library of included behaviors to animate letters all around the frame in every way imaginable. So join Michael Wohl in this inspiring Motion 5 video “textbook” and learn how to get you text in motion! Table of Contents: 1. Introduction 2. The Text Tool 3. Additional Formatting Options 4. Text Face Attributes 5. Text Outlines 6. Glow & Drop Shadow 7. Text Style Presets 8. Transforming Individual Letters 9. Creating Paragraph Text 10. Alignment Options 11. Line Spacing & Other Settings 12. Margins & Tabs 13. Auto-Shrink Settings 14. Creating Text On a Path 15. Close Shapes & Splines 16. Additional Shape Options 17. Scrolling Credits 18. Crawling Text 19. Type-On Effect 20. Text Tracking Behavior 21. Text Sequence Behaviors 22. Continuous Text Behaviors 23. Customizing Text Sequence Behaviors 24. Creating Text Sequence Behaviors