Course For Motion 5 107 – Working in 3D

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Add another dimension to your motion graphics in this exhaustive exploration of Motion’s complete set of 3D animation tools. Best of all, you don’t even need to wear those goofy 3D glasses! See how the multidimensional Michael Wohl creates 3D magic using virtual cameras, lighting, reflections and shadows... Motion 5 has powerful 3D capabilities. And in this tutorial you’ll learn all about Motions 3D objects and how to manipulate them. But there’s much more to Motion 5 than creating objects: you’ve got to know all about the virtual cameras and lighting! Michael begins by explaining all about Reference Cameras, Viewpoints, Scene Cameras and how and when to use them. Next there’s a section that “zooms in” on camera behaviors. In Motion the virtual cameras can Dolly, Sweep, Zoom, change Focus and perform all kinds of tricky moves that will add visual excitement to your 3D motion graphic production. But that’s just the beginning: you’ll also learn all about 3D particles, text and the different light and shadow effects you can employ to bring life and realism to your 3D projects. So if you like 3D (and are tired wearing of those goofy glasses) then you’ve got to watch this awesome tutorial by Michael Wohl and bring your projects into the Three Dimensional World of Motion 5! Table of Contents: 01. Introduction 02. Basic 3D Object Manipulation 03. HUD Controls 04. 3D Groups 05. 3D On-screen Controls 06. Reference Cameras 07. Viewports 08. Adjusting Scene Cameras 09. Framing vs. Viewpoint Cameras 10. Fit, Frame & Isolate 11. Depth of Field 12. Dolly & Sweep 13. Zooming Behaviors 14. Focus Behavior 15. Framing Behavior 16. Using Multiple Cameras 17. Text in 3D 18. Particles in 3D 19. Adding Lights 20. Spot and Ambient Lights 21. Creating Shadows 22. Modifying Shadow Attributes 23. Adding Reflections 24. Controlling Reflections