Course For Motion 5 201 – Crafting Final Cut FX Templates

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Did you know that Motion 5 is Final Cut Pro X’s special effects farm? They’re brother and sister programs designed to work together. In this tutorial you learn how to create all kinds of original Motion 5 effects templates that magically appear as presets right in FCP X! Apple Certified Motion 5 trainer Ben Balser is back with another great macProVideo tutorial. What makes this collection of videos so interesting is that they’re actually a series of Motion 5 design workshops! You’ll quickly learn how to create a library of original Motion templates that can be used right from within Final Cut Pro X AND, as a bonus, discover and examine the underlying concepts that power their design! From transitions, effects, generators and replicators to titles, Ben takes you through several workshops where he explains the “how-to” in creating Motion templates. Throughout this process you’ll also learn the “why” behind designing creative FX and then see how to build and incorporate them in your FCP X projects. Next up is a series of videos focusing on design: Here you’ll discover the art behind creating text, the science that applies to color and the theory behind creating lines. You’ll then learn the how and why behind balancing your creations within the canvas. Table of contents: 1. Introduction 2. Transitions 3. Transitions Workshop - Part 1 4. Transitions Workshop - Part 2 5. Effects 6. Effects Workshop 7. Generators 8. Generators Workshop - Part 1 9. Generators Workshop - Part 2 10. Titles 11. Titles Workshop 12. Themes 13. The Importance of Design 14. Text Design Basics - Part 1 15. Text Design Basics - Part 2 16. Text Design Workshop 17. Color Design Basics 18. Color Selection Tool: Complementary 19. Color Selection Tool: Analogous 20. Color Selection Tool: Triadic 21. Color Selection Tool: Rigging The Tool 22. Color Design Workshop - Part 1 23. Color Design Workshop - Part 2 24. Balancing a Design 25. Balancing Workshop - Part 1 26. Balancing Workshop - Part 2 27. Lines Workshop - Part 1 28. Lines Workshop - Part 2 29. Lines Workshop - Part 3 30. Sharing Templates