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Imagine if you could learn how to use Photoshop, the most used industry level photo editing tool, and build a lucrative activity with the potential to change your life style forever. Yes you can, and you will tell you how! We have been creating books and courses about Photoshop for at least 15 years, and all these years, we have been successful creating a method that can teach anything to all kind of people, specially those who think they are unable to learn. WHO IS BEHIND THIS COURSE Magno Urbano - (Senior Visual Effects Artist & Programmer) – With more than 20 years of experience in his field, is a long time digital artist who has received several awards. He has worked for almost a decade as a visual effects artist in the post production departments of two of the largest television broadcast companies in two continents and since 2005 as an official beta-tester for Adobe, testing Photoshop. Magno has written 15 books on multimedia themes, specially Photoshop, in Europe and authored nearly a hundred articles and multimedia courses for the most important photography magazines in Europe and the Americas, not to mention a book published by Apress in the US. Magno has developed a unique way to teach Photoshop and other themes in the simplest form, that every person can grasp, and thousands and thousands of students have learned how to use Photoshop using this method, since his first course was published on 2001. DISCOVER THE NEW METHOD After years of teaching Photoshop to people that thought they were unable to learn, a new method was born and the principle is simple: just teach what is needed to accomplish the goals using a simple, direct and clear approach. WHAT YOU GET * A course, that is very easy to grasp. A course, in 67 minutes, 25 lessons, that will teach you the basics about Photoshop, created with clear lessons that can be followed by anyone, even without prior knowledge. * A course that teaches you by simple and direct examples, step by step, what you have to do to finish a lesson successfully and pass to the next level. * A course that teaches you not just how to use Photoshop but the concepts behind digital imagery and composition. * A course that enables you to learn by the simplest method ever, on your own pace, from the comfort of your home, at your own spare time. LESSONS OVERVIEW The course talks about things like: general view of the interface, the ruler and the notes tool, all about colors, the brush tools, how to dark, light and remove colors, how to blur, increase sharpness or smudge images, using brushes and pencils, how to compare colors, layers and blending modes, how to select areas by hand and by color areas, all about gradients, quick mask, texts, masks and mattes, distorting layers, color channels, cropping images, smart objects, filters, replacing colors, vectorial shapes and much more. WHAT OTHER OPTIONS DO YOU HAVE? At this point you basically have three options but we are sure you will not like the first two: 1. Give up your dreams and all the benefits of being a self-employed digital artist professional and continue to do what you are doing right now... but lets be frank, you wouldn't have read up to this point if you wanted that. You are here because you believe that you deserve a better carrier and lifestyle than you do now. 2. It is sure that you can study Photoshop on your own without this course. Again it is very tough and time consuming without the shortcuts we know and this might be an option for people who are strong in studying complex image theories, digital concepts, operations and image tricks and other matters. 3. Download this course. It gives you a step-by-step guide and it's exactly what you want to start learning Photoshop and change your life forever. Change your life to the one you deserve by DOWNLOADING THIS COURSE NOW. ===== IPHONE, IPAD AND MAC VERSIONS ALSO AVAILABLE =====