Course For Pro Tools 10 101 – Introduction to Pro Tools

OS X 10.6.6
Learn all about the Pro Tools 10 software, its history and various configurations as well as the science behind how it processes audio. Get the basics in these AVID Learning Partner Online tutorial-videos by's very entertaining Bill Burgess and get up-and-running fast... Pro Tools 10 sets the standard by which all other DAWs are judged. In this collection of AVID Learn Partner tutorial-videos you’ll see why! First there’s a “What’s New” section that shows off all the new cool features, functions and hardware! Bill then explains the many benefits of becoming AVID certified and how it can help you advance your audio career and turn you into a rock solid PT10 operator. From there Master Burgess delves into a little Pro Tools history, from its humble DigiDrums beginnings to becoming, arguably, the most advanced and popular DAW in the world.. Bill also walks you through iLok, the Complete Production Toolkit and Pro Tools plugins. This is followed by an insightful section on digital audio basics where you’ll get a primer on sample rate, bit depth and dynamic range. You’ll also learn all about file structure and how to optimize your system for Host Based performance. Whether you're studying for AVID Certification or brushing up on your Pro Tools 10 skills, this Introduction to Pro Tools course is designed to get you started on the right track! Table of Contents: 1. New Ways To Edit 2. New Mixing Features 3. New Plugins and Processing 4. Pro Tools Training and Certification 5. What is Pro Tools? 6. History of Pro Tools 7. Types of Pro Tools System 8. iLok and the Complete Production Toolkit 9. Pro Tools Plugin 10. Digital Audio Basics: Amplitude 11. Digital Audio Basics: Frequency 12. Analog to Digital: Sample Rate 13. Bit Depth & Dynamic Range